Sunday, August 29, 2010

Porter's Place

Orrin Porter Rockwell is a well known character in Utah and Mormon history.  He joined the LDS Church in the early days and was a very close friend to Joseph Smith the church's founder.  He was Joseph Smith's bodyguard and assumed those same duties for Brigham Young after Joseph Smith's death.

Porter Rockwell migrated west with the church and was a deputy US Marshal in the Utah Territory and had the reputation of never bringing prisoners back alive.  He did say that he never killed anyone who didn't need killing tough.

He settled in Lehi, Utah, and I have been told he had a Livery Stable on Main Street.  He also had the Hot Springs Brewery and Hotel at a site near the point of the mountain.

Orrin Porter Rockwell's presence is still here with us though.  He sits on the point of the mountain at the Porter Rockwell Business Park just off the freeway where he waves to all the passers by, and Lehi's Main Street still sports a restaurant bearing his name, Porter's Place and it is a place that warrants a visit or two or more.

The restaurant is owned by descendants of Porter Rockwell and they have a varied menu, but some very good steaks.  The atmosphere is very special though.  It is reminiscent of those days in which Porter lives and the place is filled with items and mementos from that era.

It is well worth the effort to visit.

Besides the Steaks are Good!

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